Women Celebrates Her 100th Birthday with the Presence of Her 102 and 104-Year-Old Sisters

Women Celebrates Her 100th Birthday with the Presence of Her 102 and 104-Year-Old Sisters

Can You Imagine Living to a Century? Frances Kompus, a Virginia Resident, Reaches 100 Years and Celebrates with Her Elderly Siblings

Frances Kompus, a remarkable woman hailing from Virginia, recently marked her 100th birthday, and what made this milestone even more extraordinary was the presence of her older sisters by her side.

In an exceptional display of longevity, Frances celebrated her centennial birthday not only with her family but with her sisters Julia Kopriva, aged 104, and Lucy Pochop, aged 102. The enduring bond between these three siblings has flourished since their childhood days spent on farms in Kansas during the early 1900s. Frances Kompus, born in 1917, shares a unique siblinghood with her sisters, as Lucy Pochop was born in 1919, and Julia Kopriva followed in 1920.

Recollecting their cherished memories from the farm, Frances Kompus nostalgically shared, “It was good on the farm. I had a few geese to play with and even had some roosters I made pets.” Reminiscing on their younger days when dresses were the norm for females working on the farm, Lucy Pochop recalled, “I just remember how we used to walk to school. It was about a mile and three-quarters. It was a long walk.”

Their stories transport us to a bygone era, where life was simpler yet challenging. These resilient ladies have witnessed history unfold before their eyes, enduring the hardships of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Julia Kopriva recollected, “It was dark sometimes. The teachers would call the parents, and, you know, to come and get us from school. Then, we had old homes, and at the bottom, my mother would always put wet towels so the dirt wouldn’t be so bad to come in. The younger generation don’t believe what we done went through. We work today, but we worked harder those days.”

Despite the difficulties they faced, the sisters reflect on the progress that has been made since their youth. Lucy Pochop remarked, “We have got refrigerators and deep freezers. We didn’t have that those days.”

Their memories also shed light on the perseverance and resourcefulness of their generation. With scarcity a real concern, the sisters recall the simple but satisfying meals they had at home. Julia Kopriva shared, “We always had homemade bread, just plain potatoes, and gravy and meat. With those cookstoves, that was hard to bake. The temperature was hard to keep. Even if it didn’t come out good, we still ate it.”

Their longevity has been attributed to a life of simple but nourishing food. With their sage wisdom, they offer advice for the generations to come. Julia Kopriva imparts, “And pray and try to stay out of mischief. I think faith comes first and thank your parents and grandparents.”

Frances Kompus adds her words of wisdom, simply stating, “I would tell them to walk a lot.”

The centenarian, Frances Kompus, celebrated her milestone at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Atwood, a place of profound significance to her and her sisters, where they were baptized, confirmed, and married. Their remarkable journey serves as an inspiration, exemplifying the strength of family bonds and the importance of cherishing every precious moment life has to offer.