Roseanne Barr Delivers a Side-Splitting Response to the Question: “What Defines a Woman?”

Comedian and former TV star Roseanne Barr gave a witty and humorous response to the age-old question “What is a woman?” during an appearance on Piers Morgan’s show “Piers Morgan Uncensored.” Barr, who was promoting her “81 Million Jokes” tour at the time, seized the opportunity to inject some humor into the conversation. When Morgan … Read more

Elon Musk reportedly axes the entire cast of ‘The View’ following his acquisition of ABC

Elon Musk’s recent acquisition of ABC has caused a seismic shift in the television landscape, leading to a swift overhaul of the cast on the popular talk show, “The View.” Insiders close to Musk reveal his growing frustration with the show’s repetitive negativity and perceived lack of innovation, motivating him to take swift and decisive … Read more