Experts Predict Arctic May Become “Mostly Ice-Free” Within a Decade

On September 19, 2023, the Arctic experienced its sixth-lowest minimum ice extent since NASA initiated satellite tracking. Simultaneously, at the opposite pole, the Antarctic witnessed its smallest maximum ice coverage in recorded history. This alarming trend, though not novel, appears to be exacerbating. Since NASA began satellite observations in 1978, Arctic sea ice has been … Read more

Cops dance in front of a gym-full of high schoolers

Viral challenges are all the rage, with people from all walks of life deciding to do a specific task while being recorded, and then post the video on social media. Many times, these challenges are meant to be funny, inspiring, or wholesome. The Git Up challenge is no different! Inspired by the song Git Up … Read more

Consensus Emerges on Meghan Markle’s New Brand Name

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has recently unveiled her latest venture, a lifestyle brand named American Riviera Orchard. The announcement, made on Instagram, accompanied by a polished video clip, has left fans both intrigued and confused about the nature and significance of the brand. Situated in Montecito, California, the locale where Meghan and Prince … Read more