The Texas election results have just been announced, revealing the winning

The Donald Emerges Victorious in Texas Primary Elections Former President has clinched victory in the Texas primary elections, solidifying his stronghold within the state’s Republican Party. Trump’s win in Texas underscores his enduring influence and widespread support among conservative voters. Donald J. Trump 783,690 +75.8% Nikki Haley 197,308 +19.1% Amidst fervent enthusiasm from his base … Read more

The outcome of the Virginia election has been revealed, unveiling the victorious candidate.

Former President Donald J. Trump has emerged victorious in the Virginia Republican primary, securing a decisive win that underscores his enduring infIuence within the party. Backed by fervent support from loyalists and grassroots activists, Trump’s triumph marks a significant milestone in the state’s political landscape. Donald J. Trump 49,808 63.4% Nikki Haley 27,209 34.6% Ron … Read more

The undisputed winner in the Missouri Caucus, garnering unanimous support from all 924 statewide delegates.

With 100% of the votes tallied, President Trump has emerged as the unanimous victor in the Missouri Caucus, securing the support of all 924 statewide deIegates. This resounding win underscores the widespread support and enthusiasm for the President within the Republican Party in Missouri. Meanwhile, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, faced … Read more

The latest action by truckers is causing waves of surprise in New York! Truck drivers across the country are beginning to…

After flexing their muscles against Covid lockdowns, truckers across the country are beginning to boycott deliveries to New York City in response to a whopping $350 million civiI judgment against former President Donald Trump. The legions of Trump-adoring long-haul drivers began speaking up after state Judge Arthur Engoron handed down a shocking decision alleging the … Read more