Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny Threaten to Depart “Instantly” If The View Incorporates Candace Owens

Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny Threaten to Depart “Instantly” If The View Incorporates Candace Owens

Candace Owens Unsettles “The View” Panelists – Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny Threaten Resignation

Candace Owens has become a point of concern for the women of “The View.” The trio consisting of Whoopi, Joy, and Sunny has unequivocally stated that if the network decides to hire Owens, they will walk away from the show.

“She’s a MAGA extremist who peddles nonsensical ideas to gullible individuals,” asserted Whoopi. “I simply cannot sit at the same table and take her seriously.”

Joy echoed the sentiment, exclaiming, “I just can’t handle it. She’s terrible. I fear she’ll constantly erupt in anger.”

Sunny Hostin chimed in briefly, labeling Owens as “unfavorable to people of color.”

As for Candace Owens, she appears undeterred by the potential departure of her co-hosts. “The show might actually be better off without them,” she retorted. “Perhaps I can invite Tomi Lahren and Laura Ingraham to join instead.”

However, Ingraham revealed that she had already declined the opportunity on multiple occasions and expressed doubts about Owens’ suitability for the position, claiming that she might be “out of her depth.”

Some view this situation as a calculated move to provoke Owens, anticipating her acceptance of the job, while the other co-hosts may not follow through with their threats to quit. Instead, they might resort to bullying Owens until she decides to step down.

Reportedly, ABC plans to extend a 3-year, $10 million deal to Owens, subjecting her to potential criticism from her colleagues. In the event that she completes the entire term, a $10 million bonus awaits her, alongside a formal apology from Whoopi, although she has categorically ruled out offering an apology under any circumstance.

The future of “The View” remains uncertain, but only time will tell how this intriguing situation unfolds.