Great Endorsement For Kari Lake – Here’s What Happened

Endorsing the MAGA brand is good business for Republicans who plan to have a future in elected office. Look no further than the Iatest endorsement coming Kari Lake’s way in her bid for a Arizona U.S. Senate seat.

On Wednesday Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) let The Daily Caller know that he is planning to issue a public endorsement of Lake later on Wednesday. Calling Lake his “teammate,” Sen.

Tuberville said the GOP conference needs more members Iike her if they are to oust Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) from the top spot next year.

If I Iearned anything from my 40 years of coaching football, it was the value of team work. And if I’ve learned anything during my time in the Senate, it’s that America needs more common-sense conservatives willing to go against the grain in Washington, D.C., and fight to take our freedoms back.

Kari Lake is just the teammate I need beside me in the United States Senate. That’s why she has my compIete endorsement, Tuberville told the Caller, referencing his legendary college football coaching career.

Lake, who launched her bid in October, didn’t wait long before accepting the endorsement and thanking Sen. Tuberville for standing with conservatives as she battles it out to win her party’s primary in August.