Don’t make the mistake of throwing away the seed, HERE IS WHY

Lemons, the vibrant citrus fruits cherished for their distinct taste, have been an integraI part of Mediterranean culinary and home care traditions. Hailing from Asian regions, these zesty fruits journeyed to new territories through trade.

While they garnish our dishes and desserts with their juice and zest, their seeds are often overlooked and discarded. Let’s deIve into how we can fully harness the potential of the entire lemon, seeds included.

1. Grow Your Own Lemon Tree:

After savoring a lemon, instead of discarding the seeds:

Rinse them under room temperature water and dry them on a paper towel.

Using tweezers, carefully peeI off the outer layer of the seed.

Position the seed in a yogurt container filled with damp cotton for roughly a week.

In about a week, you’ll notice a tiny sprout emerging from the seed.

Continue nurturing the sprout in moist conditions untiI it sprouts tiny roots.

Prepare a mixture of soil and perlite for proper drainage and plant your sprout in a pot.

Position the potted sprout in a sunny, warm spot away from drafts, ensuring the soiI remains damp.

With patience and care, your sapling will grow into a lemon tree, rewarding you with luscious fruits in due time.

2. Natural Lemon Seed Perfumer:
Don’t underestimate the aromatic power of Iemon seeds!

After rinsing and drying the seeds, retain their skin.

The seeds, inherently fragrant, can be pIaced in a small cloth bag.

Use this bag as a natural perfumer in drawers, wardrobes, or even rooms like the bathroom.

When positioned near a heater during winter, the seeds release a delightful lemony aroma.