Youth Declines to Adjust Legs Extended on Subway, Stranger Chooses to Impart a Valuable Lesson

Youth Declines to Adjust Legs Extended on Subway, Stranger Chooses to Impart a Valuable Lesson

Please note: This story, originally covered in November 2018, is being republished.

On a New York City subway, a young boy received a valuable lesson in manners when he refused to give up two seats and a stranger intervened. The incident took place in November when the boy, leaning against his mother, decided to stretch out and place his feet on the seat in front of him. Despite three adults needing seats, the boy adamantly refused to move.

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One exasperated man decided to take action and sat directly on the boy’s feet. The incident was captured by Isabel Kim in a series of pictures, which she shared on Twitter.

The boy’s behavior not only displayed rudeness but also violated subway etiquette. While subway seats are not individually designated, it is generally understood that three people should fit on each bench. However, the entitled boy occupied two seats and showed little concern for those around him.

When the man sat on the boy’s feet, the boy quickly scrambled to move his legs, but one foot still ended up under the man’s body. In the final image, the boy is seen giving the man a disapproving look, clearly believing he was in the right, and the man was at fault for sitting on him.

Isabel also shared a video of the aftermath, showing the boy’s mother angrily scolding him. However, her frustration seemed to stem from the fact that her son, Joe, made her miss her stop, rather than addressing his rude behavior.

The man’s actions garnered praise from numerous people, with over 136,000 likes on the post. “Not all heroes wear capes,” one person wrote, while another tweeted: “He doesn’t care anymore, and he’s my kindred spirit.” “Subway etiquette is best taught through actions, not words,” added another. “The subway is a great equalizer,” said yet another.

In conclusion, it is evident that some children may not learn proper manners from their parents and may have to learn them the hard way from strangers, as demonstrated in this incident. While the man who sat on the boy’s feet may not have worn a cape, he was hailed as a hero by many subway passengers who had grown weary of the boy’s entitled behavior. This serves as a reminder for all of us to be mindful of our actions in public spaces and considerate of those around us.