You will not believe what diseases onions cure. Experts give the big news

You will not believe what diseases onions cure. Experts give the big news: here is what disease onion cures

Onion is one of the oldest vegetables in the history of mankind. Its use dates back a full 3,500 years. Onions are a first-class food and not just for culinary uses.

Onions against chronic diseases

Along with pomegranates and mountain tea, which are regarded as the healthiest foods for humans, onions are ranked among the superior foods. Onion has anti-inflammatory properties, but it is also useful in the treatment of many chronic diseases, such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes and others.

Onions are also important against foodborne illness and germs.

Experts say that the components of the onion are extraordinary in protecting the body, the immune system, the healthy function of hormones and more.

Onions for the heart
Onion manages to protect the heart much better than other products.

Onion lowers cholesterol, prevents hardening of blood vessels, makes them more elastic and maintains blood pressure.

Onion against diabetes

Fortunately, onions have the ability to significantly lower blood sugar levels, becoming an ally of the body in the battle against type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Of course, onion is not enough for you to have the best body weight, but it comes in handy if you consume at least one a day. Thanks to the onion, the damage of fats and sugars fades, so by eating onions, you will maintain your blood sugar level and body weight.

Onion, the enemy of harmful cells. Experts have unanimously recommended that a person should definitely consume an onion a day. According to them, fresh onions contain many important protective substances for health.

However, they say that even cooked onions do not lose much of their protective properties. Include onions in salads, vegetables, fish or meat dishes. Although tearing is inevitable with onion, its consumption is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for the body.