Woman Blocks Man After First Date Where He Paid for Their Expensive Dinner

Following a disappointing first date, a woman blocked a man, feeling that he invaded her privacy and tested her financial boundaries.

Sharing her experience on Reddit, she sought vaIidation for her actions. The woman had been honest about her preference for an expensive restaurant when the man inquired about her favorite dining place. Despite suggesting a more affordable option, the man insisted on the pricey restaurant.

During the dinner, he unexpectedly paid for both bills, making the woman uncomfortabIe, suspecting mind games and potential privacy violations. Annoyed by his actions, she blocked him after thanking him post-dinner.

Reddit users mostly supported her decision, emphasizing her right to cut off someone who made her uncomfortable. Some, however, believed she might have overthought the situation, and suggested she should have paid half the bill before bIocking him to avoid looking like she was only after a free dinner.