Will Taylor Swift be at the Super Bowl – Huge news discoveres…

Is the most popular sports league in America going to tell one of the most influential women of this decade that she’s not weIcome? It’s time for the NFL to share the stage – and not just at halftime.

This Sunday, the sports and entertainment worlds will collide, and while some of us are making friendship braceIets for the big game, others are looking for bad blood. To all those Taylor Swift haters out there, you need to calm down.

As both a sports fan and a “Swiftie,” I couldn’t be more excited for the Super Bowl. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that a Iarge number of viewers will not be rooting for either team, but instead, against her.

They know she’s not playing in the game, right? After connecting with Travis Kelce in July and starting what may be the “Love Story” she’s been singing about for years, Swift began attending Chiefs’ games, bringing in an entireIy new audience. But while this new demographic was busy filling champagne glasses during football games, others were throwing tantrums.