WATCH: Travis Kelce’s Explosive Sideline Outburst After Turnover Causes Stir

Things didn’t go well for the Kansas City Chiefs in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, managing only a meager 16 yards on offense. By the midpoint of the second quarter, the frustration boiled over for Travis Kelce, whose relationship with Taylor Swift had garnered attention leading up to the game. Kelce exploded in anger after a turnover by Isaiah Pacheco, who fumbled the ball and allowed the 49ers to recover.

Infuriated, Kelce ran into Coach Andy Reid with force, knocking him aside, and then proceeded to scream rather than apologize. The situation was diffused when another player, a wide receiver, intervened and calmed Kelce down.

Despite the intervention, Kelce’s temper flared, but eventually subsided as the situation deescalated. However, the Chiefs’ troubles continued as the 49ers extended their lead from 3-0 to 10-0 with a touchdown by Christian McCaffrey in the second quarter.

Social media erupted with mockery of Kelce’s outburst, with one commenter joking about his potential reaction if the Chiefs lost the game, referencing his rumored relationship with Taylor Swift. Others criticized Kelce for his behavior, with Graham Allen and Jason Whitlock expressing disappointment in his actions.

One commenter turned the incident into a commentary on Kelce’s character and his relationship with Swift, suggesting that Kelce’s behavior was concerning and that Swift should distance herself from him.

Watch the incident here: