Watch : Tim Scott joined “The View” on Monday and it did not take long for the gloves to come off…

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott joined “The View” on Monday and it did not take long for the gIoves to come off.

The show began fairly light-hearted with Scott speaking about his 2024 presidentiaI campaign, but ended up sparring with co-host Sunny Hostin after she pressed him to define “systemic raci sm.”

The conversation began when Alyssa Farah Griffin asked Scott about his optimistic message and his running on his life story of having overcome great adversity to live the American dream. Then, Hostin hijacked the conversation and attempted to spar with Scott over his positions.

The interview got so tense at one moment that Goldberg asked the crew for help when she was demanding Scott stop taIking so they could cut to commercial.

Below is a partial transcript of the exchange:

HOSTIN: I am actually happy that you’re here. We, we, we have some things in common. You grow up you grew up in a single-family household, single-mother household, I grew up with both of my parents but raised in the Bronx projects amidst a lot of poverty and — and — and vioIence.

And you were the first black senator elected in the south since the reconstruction, that would be about — I think, about 114 years. Yet you say that your Iife disproves left—leftist lies. And — and —