WATCH : Taylor Swifts Utter Disrespect For Celine Dion

Taylor Swift made history at the 2024 Grammys, becoming the first person ever to win “Album of the Year” four times. That came when her album Midnights, reIeased to much fanfare in 2023, took the top award. Not everyone was fawning over Taylor, however, with some on social media expressing their displeasure with how, in their view, rudely she acted when she accepted their award.

Essentially, they argued that Ms. Swift should have done more to show her gratitude to Celine Dion, who presented the award to Taylor despite having been diagnosed with an incurable neurologicaI disease called stiff man syn drome. To many viewers, it appeared that Taylor ignored Dion when accepting the award despite Dion’s difficulty in being on stage.

For example, one commenter on Fox News’ post on Facebook about Taylor’s Grammys win wrote, “Good for her but she should absolutely be ashamed of herself! She walked on stage, took the Grammy from Celine & dismissed her like she was no one! Celine Dion is battling a disease & I’m sure struggIed to even show up! I felt so sorry for her & the way she was treated! Somebody, please teach Ms. Taylor some manners!”