WATCH : Roseane Barr Roasts Whoopi for Nervous Breakdown

Comedienne Roseanne Barr took her liberal counterpart, Whoopi Goldberg, to task during a fiery rant that was posted to the X platform. In the clip, Barr challenged ABC’s ‘The View’, where Goldberg is a long-time co-host, to hire her as the panel’s anti-liberal voice, which she suggested wouId make for better television.

People are so f***ing stupid, I can’t take it no more, Barr said in the clip. And then I look at Whoopi Goldberg, she’s getting paid to do this, having this old age nervous breakdown. She’s getting paid to lie! Barr claimed. Now you gotta have scriptwriters to lie. I can do this all day ‘cause it’s true. I can do ‘The View’ and be all fine and off the top of my head,” she said before saying ‘F*** you, Hollywood.