WATCH: LeBron James Shows ‘Zero Respect’ For The National Anthem

On the afternoon of Sunday, December 10th, Bronny James, the son of NBA star LeBron James, played his first game for the University of South Carolina Trojans.

LeBron James showed up with his daughter and, rather than set a good example for his present children, decided to act disrespectfully toward the National Anthem.

In fact, Lakers star pIayer LeBron James showed his disrespectful attitude toward the National Anthem by walking into the arena and sitting as the Anthem played, rather than standing respectfully, hand over his heart and facing toward the flag. LeBron did not even remove his hat, a simple sign of respect for the flag and Anthem.

That led to outrage online, with many conservatives and patriots upset that LeBron, despite being so successfuI thanks to the blessings America provides, would show such little respect for the country and her anthem.

Conservative X personality Collin Rugg, tweeting about the inci dent, said, LeBron James casually walks into the basketball arena while the National Anthem is playing and takes a seat. Zero respect for the country that gave him the opportunity to be a basketball star.

Zero respect for the country that allowed him to become a billionaire. Zero respect for the men and women who defend our country so he can Iive his life. Shameful.