WATCH : Gutfeld Delivers Hilarious Take-Down of Joy Behar

Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld is known as the reigning king of late-night comedy. With millions tuning in to watch him, dominating his liberal competition, and bringing in coveted ad demographics, he’s a force to be reckoned with. And he certainly knows how to take down the left, particularly the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View.”

In a video clip from Gutfeld’s show back in November 2022, he delivered an epic response to Joy Behar’s criticism. Behar had attacked Gutfeld for his stance on climate change, reading a quote from him and then launching into her critique. Gutfeld paused the clip, interjecting with his own humorous rebuttal, referencing a scene from the movie Twister to poke fun at Behar.
Watch video here :

This wasn’t Gutfeld’s only time using his humor to mock left-wing figures. He previously called Vice President Kamala Harris the “Bud Light of Veeps” due to her rock-bottom approval rating, humorously comparing her to other unpopular vice presidents from history.

In his signature monologue, Gutfeld joked about Harris’s unpopularity, playfully comparing her to former Vice President Dick Cheney and other disliked political figures. With his sharp wit and comedic delivery, Gutfeld continues to entertain his audience while poking fun at the political landscape.