(VIDEO) Little Boy Hands Silent Marine His Christmas List. Now Pay Attention to That Marine’s Left Hand

The US Marine Corps, a symbol of national pride for 240 years, has always sacrificed greatly for their country, earning them honor and respect.

While their bravery in combat is well-known, Marines also engage in charitable endeavors, particularly in supporting children.

Toys For Tots, founded by Major Bill Hendricks, USMC, in 1947, started as a small initiative to provide toys for underprivileged children but has grown into a nationwide program with increasing donations each year.

As Christmas approaches, Toys For Tots needs our support more than ever. In the iconic 1997 Christmas commercial titled “Guard Duty,” a heartwarming moment occurs as a young boy approaches a stoic Marine on duty. Despite their disciplined demeanor, the Marine’s reaction to the child is touching. Watch and consider sharing this piece of American history for a good cause.
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