“Update: Status of 5 Missing Marines and US Helicopter Revealed”

Five United States Marines who went missing aboard a helicopter lost amid a devastating storm over California have been confirmed dead after their bodies were found earIy Thursday morning.

Fox News reports that first responders located the wreckage of the CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter on Wednesday but did not locate the deceased soldiers untiI Thursday, suggesting the flooding, mudslides, and tornado alerts separated them from their aircraft during impact.

“It is with a heavy heart and profound sadness that I share the loss of five outstanding Marines from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing and the “Flying Tigers” while conducting a training flight last night,” Maj. Gen. Borgschulte, Commanding General for the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, said in a statement.

“These pilots and crew members were serving a calling greater than self and were proud to do so. We will forever be grateful for their call to duty and selfless service,” he added. “To the families of our fallen Marines, we send our deepest condoIences and commit to ensuring your support and care during this incredibly difficult time.”