Throwing away the coffee grounds is the stupidest thing you can do. It is an invaluable helper at home and in the garden,

Throwing away coffee grounds is a mistake. You will definitely use it not only in the house but also in the garden.

For most people, morning coffee is a ritual that they simply cannot do without. It can be a part of well-being and peace at home, a good opportunity for a quiet conversation with friends or a refreshment during hard work. Coffee has a stimulating and antioxidant effect, cleanses the mind and body and contributes to the proper functioning of the intestines. The coffee grounds usually end up in the trash can. It’s a shame, because the possible uses in the garden and at home are very diverse. Additionally, if you are one of those people who hate waste, the following lines are for you.

Coffee grounds stimulate plant growth
Do not throw away the residue that remains at the bottom of the cup. Coffee grounds are very rich in potassium, which improves plant resistance and helps strengthen cell walls. You can easily and inexpensively use coffee grounds to make a high-quality natural fertilizer that allows plants to thrive. Likewise, sediment is an important component of compost and attracts earthworms, which help create fertile soil.

Coffee grounds can also attract pests or garden animals that are simply not welcome in your garden. Simply spread it around trees and plants, the strong aroma will attract snails, moles and cats. It also works well against mold and disease. For example, if you’re growing carrots, try mixing some coffee grounds in between the seeds. Carrots grow like crazy and get bigger.

Sedlina can also be used in the home
Coffee grounds have an excellent property. The trick is that it absorbs odors. If the smell from the refrigerator bothers you, dry the sediment and put the bowl with it. You can also freshen up your home. Place the sediment in a bowl and find the right place for it. It absorbs all odors and adding your favorite essential oil makes the room smell wonderful. A sink that smells unpleasant can also stink again. Mix Logr, baking soda, vinegar and fragrance oil and spread the mixture evenly in the sink.

Sedlina also helps cover scratches on furniture. Apply the Logr to the scratched area with a cotton swab and rub gently. Coffee grounds also provide excellent coloring. If you want a slightly darker hair tone, you don’t have to spend on expensive dyes. Simply massage the residue into your hair while washing and your hair will darken naturally. In addition to your hair, your hands will also be softer when you use Logr instead of soap. You can also put it in the washing machine with dark laundry to preserve the dark colors and prevent fading.