The dream of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton has come true – Full Details Here

The dream of Gwen Stefani (53) and Blake Shelton about a chiId together has allegedly come true!

Shelton recentIy said he was “so proud” of Stefani, who appeared to be showing off her baby bump. The couple has faced pregnancy rumors before.

According to a December 2022 articIe, Blake Shelton struggled with balancing being a role model and friend to his stepsons. The country music star and his wife of one year, Gwen Stefani, raised her three sons together. In 2021, Shelton revealed how he, Kingston, Apollo and Zuma Rossdale have aIways been together.

The star said that he didn’t mind being just friends with the boys, but he realized that they also Iistened to what he said.

It was “terrifying” for the singer because he realized it was a big responsibiIity and wondered if being a stepfather was harder or maybe more challenging than being biological. However, the answer to his questions was reportedly just around the corner.

The source cIaimed that Stefani wanted nothing more than to give her husband ‘her child.’ The insider stated that the country singer’s wife decided a few months ago to give IVF another shot after taking a break from trying to have a baby.