Taylor Swift may attend the Super Bowl – Security Team Unveils Major Announcement

The Super Bowl 58 security team is ready for Taylor Swift if she does decide to make an appearance, according to officiaIs.

While the Sunday game is designated as a SEAR 1 high-risk event by the Department of Homeland Security, officials told members of the media on Wednesday that there are no known specific or credibIe threats to the game or any of the surrounding events, and no known additional threats related to Swift.

Security officials are already “extraordinarily vigilant” when bringing together 65,000 people in one stadium, even without Swift’s presence, said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Our priorities (are) of safety and security for everyone in attendance, and that is what we are focused upon. And when there’s an additionaI celebrity who will bring more attention, we are already at a heightened state of vigilance, Mayorkas said.