Stop throwing away eggshells: 7 genius uses at home

Stop throwing away eggshells: 7 genius uses at home. Eggshells are useful in so many ways! Let’s discover together how you can simplify your everyday life.

Since nothing is created, everything changes, the tips and tricks that make your everyday life easier have always amazed us! Among them, eggshells are useful in many ways! Let’s discover together how you can simplify your everyday life.
Eggs are an inexhaustible source of nutrients for health. It’s just that we often tend to get rid of things that could make our lives easier at home.

After eating hard-boiled eggs, your first instinct is to get rid of the shells. However, the latter can help you with a lot of gardening work, but also with home maintenance. Don’t throw away this very useful source of minerals!

Why should eggshells be stored at home?
The egg is an unparalleled source of nutrients with many benefits, yet we routinely remove the shells without realizing that they can be very beneficial. The recycling of these calcium and magnesium rich membranes can – after being shredded – be used both in the garden and at home.

Hard boiled egg
1- Recycle eggshells to clean your pans
Shells are made up of a variety of organic materials that, thanks to their abrasive properties, act as a cleaning agent, specifically removing grease from the bottom of a pot like baking soda. To use the remaining peel, it must be ground in a blender until a homogeneous powder is created. Using a cloth or sponge and soapy water, all you have to do is rub your dishes to make them shine. A compelling argument to save the shells of your hard-boiled eggs!

Powdered eggshells
2- Use this organic matter to produce seedlings

2- Use this organic matter to produce seedlings

If you want to grow indoor or outdoor plants without plastic pots – ecology obliges! – will be pleased to discover this trick. Growing a plant in half an empty eggshell is the best option for eco-friendly planting. To do this, you need to fill it with soil and add seeds. We recommend that you place these half membranes in their boxes and wait until the plants grow sufficiently. Once you place the shell in the soil, it will decompose and provide the soil with the calcium carbonate needed to grow your new stem.


3- This organic material is perfect for your clothes

Instead of using chemicals, opt for crushed eggshells right on your clothes. It can have a significant cleaning effect, especially on your white clothes, to preserve their color. It is enough to throw the pieces into the net together with a slice of lemon, a citrus fruit very effective for bleaching linen. Your laundry is whiter than ever!

Wash the eggshells

4- Eggshell: a source of minerals for the soil in your garden

Crushing eggshells can also help you preserve your garden. For a nutrient-rich potting mix, you can bury it in the soil. Their decomposition enables better irrigation of the soil, providing additional nutrients for the plants. To speed up the process, feel free to crush the peels into small pieces. A good tip for ecological soil fertilization.

fruit trees

5- Eggshells are especially useful for tomatoes and certain vegetables

Eggshells are great for soil mineralization, and this is especially true for tomato plants, a terrifically healthy food, as long as the biodegradable shell in the soil before planting. This trick helps fruit stay alive longer and also acts as a useful natural fertilizer, especially for squash, peppers, cabbage and broccoli.


6- Eggshell: a natural insecticide

Crushed eggshell does not always remove all harmful insects such as aphids, ants or parasites, but on the other hand it is dangerous against fungi that can corrode the leaves. To make your own natural fertilizer, you will need to sprinkle small pieces of crushed eggshells at the base of the plants. Even snails are kept away.


7- Eggshells: a natural fertilizer

A tablespoon of eggshell powder is a rich source of nutrients for your vegetable garden because you can use it to make compost for your plants, to which you can add other organic waste. This snail shell acts as a repellent against snails and serves as a natural fertilizer for enriching and improving soil quality.

You will understand: don’t throw away the eggshells, use them again! Now you’re going to fully consume your hard-boiled eggs!