Sheryl Crow hits out at Jason Aldean’s new song…

The 61-year-oIld Missouri native took an active part in the controversy surrounding the song “Try That in a Small Town,” expressing her concern and dismay, stating that Aldean, 46, was perpetuating faIse perceptions with the song’s provocative lyrics.

A few lines from the song caught her attention: I’ve got a g un that my grandpa gave me / They pretend they’ll get together one day / Well, those things can be tolerated in the city, good Iuck / Try it in a small town .”

In her direct tweet about the country singer, Crow, who hails from a small town, pointed out that even small-towners are tired of the vioIence.

Jason Aldean I come from a small town. Even in small towns, people are tired of vioIence. The promotion of vioIence is not like small towns or America. You should be aware of this, especially after surviving a mass shooting,” she tweeted. It goes against American values and small town spirit. It’s just not impressive.