Riley Gaines lays on Whoopi Goldberg, No Holds Back, You Don’t Care About Women

When producers at “The View” invited Riley Gaines on to set the record straight, they probably figured Whoopi Goldberg would have a field day with her.

They were wrong. Ms. Gaines joined the show remotely to tell the audience what it felt like to lose to a biological maIe twice her size.

Before she could get three words out, Whoopi shouted, Just admit you’re a bigot who wants to get rich riding Lia Thomas’ coattails. Gaines, who looks a bit timid and unassuming, turned immediately into the fierce competitor we all know and love and laid into Whoopi.

You don’t actually care about women, she said sternly, you have no idea what it’s like to go through something like this, Goldberg was speechIess. After a moment with her mouth wide open, Whoopi finally mustered an apology. “I’m sorry, she said.

Then she said, I’m sorry…what> Did you just inform a black woman from New York how difficult it is to be you, child? Sweet heart you tied for 5th. You want to be the next Tomi Lahren. Your eyes are way too close together, hun.

Gaines fired back without missing a beat. “Oh yeah?”, she screeched, Well you don’t even care about women! It was a magical moment for her, without a doubt. God Bless you, Riley Gaines, and God Bless America.