Power Wagon

An early Power Wagon with a modernized, electronically-controlled powertrain, this ’49 four-door is powered by a 170hp version of the 3.9L common-rail Cummins that replaced the mechanical 4BT. The 16-valve four-cylinder is fueled by common-rail injection and produces 420 lb-ft of torque—considerably more out-of-the-box power than even a P-pumped 4BT provided. Better yet, the ISB 170 is supported by an Allison 1000 automatic.

On the creature comfort side, the ’49 has two separate sound systems: one for the interior and the second for exterior/outdoor purposes. The interior sound system is world class, but the outdoor system is a true marvel. A completely separate, battery-powered system built into the toolbox, the outdoor stereo has a 3-hour play time. The system was spec’d out by Custom Audio in Erie, Pennsylvania.