Miami Cafe That Kicked Out Fox News Analyst Could Close Its Doors…

Recently, a book cafe in North Miami closed down after kicking out Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell over his conservative political beIiefs.

Caldwell slammed the business for refusing him service based on his conservative values, illustrating how his experience is a microcosm of the political polarization throughout America.

Caldwell explained how he was appalled over being asked to leave the business based on voicing his conservatism. However, Paradise Books & Bread would not continue to operate as a business for Iong after recently announcing it would be closing its doors.

Speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, the conservative explained how the incident went down. Caldwell illustrated how, upon arriving at the restaurant, he was questioned on his political beliefs before being asked to leave after it was ascertained he was a conservative.

“Maria I never thought I would make international news so being a Florida man kicked out of a restaurant that’s exactIy what what happened but what happened is some friends of mine some people that I’m just getting to know that live in my village and invited me off to this, this Paradise Books and Bread never been there.

Never heard of it. I go in there immediately asking me question How do you like working with Fox News? Are you a conservative and I’d say yes I am actually I have a book out called taken for granted how conservatism can win back the Americans liberalism had failed,” he said.