It’s Time To Boycott Target! These Woke Christmas Decorations Went Way Too Far! Check the photos

It’s Time To Boycott Target! These Woke Christmas Decorations Went Way Too Far!

Target is coming under fire after its new woke display of for-sale Christmas decorations began spreading around the internet.

The items that the retail giant is selling include an LGBT pride nutcracker that holds the flag of the aforementioned se xuaI group and an African-American Santa Claus in a wheel chair figurine. The internet has produced both outrage and hilarious jokes, as it is so frequently able to do.

This comes after a rough summer for Target, who found themselves being boycotted by many on the right for woke practices. Just like Bud Light, the conservative movement in America flexed its muscles by tanking the stock price and earnings of Target and showing them a valuabIe lesson… Go Woke, Go Broke! Clearly, however, that warning was not properly heeded by the company as these new Christmas decorations are downright woke.

Some of the complaints came from the crowd that hates to see woke ideologies burst into the most inane things in daily life. They are wondering why it must be that Christmas has become a new virtue-signaling opportunity, as the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated with LGBT nutcrackers and black Santa in a wheel chair.

The simple answer to that conundrum is that to so many folks on the left, every opportunity to virtue signal must be seized. It is not enough to celebrate their own ideologies in their own homes; they must also force the ideas and opinions down the throats of as many people as they are able to.

The idea that these decorations exist is not shocking in the slightest. It makes sense that people celebrate Christmas in some weird ways. Most Conservatives aren’t happy about it, but whatever, we also believe that you should be free to celebrate Holidays however you see fit in your own home.

But, coming from Target, this is downright shocking. The brand has already taken a massive hit from the conservative movement after it lost $15 billion in market value following the release of a clothing line targeted at trans kids. It is unbelievable that they did not learn their lesson from that.

This is a spit in the face of conservatives. This is Target’s way of saying that they don’t believe those on the right who announced that they would not stand for that kind of virtue signaling that their business would be taken elsewhere.