I am divorcing my wife after finding out that my son is not mine.

Well, a coupIe of weeks ago I found out that my wife cheated on me 6 years ago, the way I found out is that her sister told me after going to visit her to find out how the delivery of her first child was, she confessed to me that 6 years ago my wife told her that she slept drunk with her best friend, in her words, my wife was very sorry.

At the time she told me I was with my “son” and immediately after leaving her house I went to take a paternity test with him, fearing the worst. A week later I get the results and my fears came true, my son is not mine, for some reason, I began to see the boy differently, more as an acquaintance than a son, with proofs in hand I confronted my wife at night when the child was sIeeping, she asked me who told me and I simply told her that it is none of her business, although obviously it will not take long to connect the dots that it was her sister, well, that is not my problem now.

Regardless of that, I asked her for a divorce, which is now in process, she was “devastated”, she swore to me more than once that nothing happened with anyone again, that she has been faithful to me in body and soul since then, I held back the urge to insult her to avoid complications during the divorce issue, not believing a word she said, mostly blaming the alcohol instead of taking the blame herself.

After talking about it, she threatened me saying that she would demand full custody of the child, I was so annoyed at that moment that I told her okay, I don’t want anything to do with something that is not mine, that she keep the child and I’ll keep the dogs (we have two dogs that we adopted as puppies and they are currently 8 years old each) after my words she tried to convince me to take care of the child with her, that I am his father, at that moment I exploded, I was so angry and I had held back so much the urge to scream that I just yelled her to go and take her bastard with her.

A week has passed since that and I am at home it is in my name because it is a gift from my parents, she went to her parents’ house with her kid, she has not called me since then, she left with everything and the half-asleep kid when I yelled at her, especially since it was the first time I really yelled at her, it sure affected her.

I talked to my parents and my dad told me that I did the right thing and that I shouldn’t be raising something that is not of my blood, and I agree with him, however, the pain is still there, my younger brother told me to write here to entertain myself, I am currently seeing a therapist 3 times a week, who told me that I have already taken the first step, which was to leave behind what causes me pain, it just hurts to know that my family no longer exists.

Regarding why my sister-in-law told me everything, according to her, she felt guilty seeing me always happy with my son, knowing that he may not be mine, and that the fact that we went to visit her in a moment of weakness caused her to completely break down with guilt, I don’t know how true that is, I just know that right now I feel tremendous hatred for my wife and a feeling between pain and resentment for the child, although it’s just time to get ahead.