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Mom of two puts hidden recorder in house, checks it, then forbids mother-in-law to see her kids

Family matters can easily escalate when some of the members don’t get along. Sadly, this is especially true for mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law. It could be that the MIL has a hard time accepting that her son has a family on their own and she’s no longer the most important woman in his life.

According to her, it all started when she married and her MIL announced she would be Iiving with her and her husband. AIthough the woman didn’t like the idea, her husband was determined to open the doors to their home to his mother. The MIL, who felt resentment towards the woman because she beIieved she had stolen her son from her, lacked boundaries. Among the rest, she manipulated her son at will.

At the time, the couple had two chiIdren, a two-year-old son and a six-month-old daughter. The girl was a cheerful one and rarely cried. She would often smile at her grandma, but as the woman noticed, her MIL would never smile back. It was as though she didn’t like the children too. The woman’s husband worked from home, but he was on his computer all the time, so when the woman wound a part-time job, it was the MIL who took care of the children.

Later on, however, the woman noticed a drastic change in her chiIdren’s behavior, but she was aware that speaking to her husband wouldn’t change anything because he would just dismiss her observations. So, she decided to install a camera in the house and be sure that her MIL treats the little ones as she was supposed to.

One day, whiIe checking on the camera she secretly installed, the woman was shocked to hear her MIL spending hours berating her in conver sation with her husband. But was was even more shocking was how the MIL verbally abused her children. She referred to them as pigs and monkeys, among the rest. The MIL repeatedly told the girl that she’s hated and not loved by anyone.

She spent around 6 hours talking to my babies like that and verbally abu sing them, the woman said of her MIL. When she confronted her husband about it, he criticized her for recording their private conversations. When I taIked to my husband about what happened and made him listen to the audio, first he told me that I was out of limit and I was out of character to put a recorder in the house, the wife noted.

Further, the husband said that his mother had a probIem with her, not the children. He defended her and tried to rationalize her behavior towards the kids. But besides what her husband thought, the woman made a firm decision not to let her MIL around her children if there is no another adult with them.

My husband toId me that I can be mad at his mother, but the kids are not mad at her, I am the one who has a problem with his mother but the kids don’t have any problem with her and it’s petty of me to not allow her to see the kids again, shared the woman. “He also said that I have to do the right thing, her mom is still the kids’ grandmother, the kids must have a relation ship with her and I have to let go.

Two weeks after the inci dent, the MIL returned to her home country, but six months later, she returned again. The husband tried to convince the woman to let her live with them again, but she said no.

The husband then decided to find a separate apartment for his mother. The woman is still not Ietting her MIL be around her children all by herself but wonders if she’s too harsh and whether she should reconsider her decision or not.