Father’s Middle Son Doesn’t Look Enough like Him So He Does a DNA Test on the Boy and the result is shocked

Father’s Middle Son Doesn’t Look Enough like Him So He Does a DNA Test on the Boy and the result is shocked
A 12-year marriage ended when the husband requested a paternity test for their middle child, thinking their features were different.
His wife was not amused by the request and is now thinking of getting a divorce. A husband might have ruined twelve years of marriage by asking his wife for a paternity test.

The 37-year-old man used Reddit as a platform to clarify his doubts about his relationship with his middle son.

He explained, “We have three kids and I always had this nagging feeling that our middle child wasn’t mine. Our oldest and youngest look just like me, but my middle child doesn’t.”

The husband was even more motivated to request a paternity test because he knew that cheating was a deal-breaker for his wife. The 35-year-old was insulted by the request because of this.

If she had nothing to conceal, her spouse said, there shouldn’t be any issues. His wife’s outburst caused him to become even more suspicious, so he continued the test and found out that the son was indeed his. The husband assumed the situation was resolved after receiving the results, but his wife began to doubt their marriage’s viability.

His marriage suffered as a result of his request for a paternity test. His wife felt that her husband did not trust her, which was why she was still very angry with him. Not to mention that because he didn’t have his features, he caused their son to wonder where he fit into the family.

The husband made an effort to persuade his wife of his viewpoint, but she was unwilling to accept the fact that he believed she would cheat and that his pride was willing to put his family in danger.

Consequently, the 35-year-old brought up the possibility of divorcing, which was not how the husband had anticipated things would work out for him. The 37-year-old was hoping some Reddit users could help him think of ways to get his wife to talk to him again after they had not spoken since the incident.

Did the Couple Decide to Stay Together?

The 37-year-old returned with an update a few months after sharing his story on Reddit, stating that his wife had at last agreed to have a conversation with him.

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Her assessment of the circumstances had not entirely changed, though. The wife was still unable to forgive her husband for his lack of trust in her and the harm he had done to their son.

She thought she would never be able to trust him again. His son believed he despised him and felt alone. The husband disclosed that although the father was unaware of it, he had always known that his father treated him differently.
The wife began to suspect that her husband might be hiding secrets of his own after hearing about the cheating allegations. The man claimed he had not cheated on his wife, despite admitting to having cheated in his two prior relationships.

The wife refuted his logic by claiming she had never cheated. As a result, the couple’s situation did not improve over time. Rather, the spouse believed that she would never be capable of forgiving him.

The paternity test proved to be a source of great resentment for the husband, who had hoped that it would put his mind at rest. The man claimed that none of his children were talking to him, so it wasn’t just his middle son who was angry with him. Moreover, his spouse desired a separation.

Additionally, none of the commenters felt sorry for him. They thought that because his wife recognized her own and her son’s value, she should have left him. However, most people were not surprised that he had cheated in the past.

It was already a betrayal that most commenters thought merited a divorce for the husband to doubt his 12-year marriage and accuse her of cheating.

The father’s decision to upset his wife and son for his own peace of mind, however, angered more Reddit users. He seemed to make the situation all about himself, at least to many.

Most commenters found it irritating that he felt the need to demand a paternity test simply because he wanted his middle child to resemble him. Netizens sympathized with the wife and could therefore understand why she would never again put her trust in her husband. Readers believed that the husband’s trust issues extended beyond his misgivings regarding the paternity test.

The husband’s refusal to acknowledge that he was wrong to not trust his wife and to suffer for his son was another thing that infuriated online users. Some even said he had failed as a parent in their comments.

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