Check out: Emotional rendition of the National Anthem moves NFL star to tears

Amidst the controversies and standout moments of Super Bowl LVIII, one positive highlight was Reba McEntire’s stirring rendition of the National Anthem, which moved Kansas City Chiefs’ All-Pro defensive tackle, Chris Jones, to tears.

Jones, a five-time Pro-Bowler, was visibly emotional during McEntire’s performance, particularly poignant as it may have been his last Super Bowl with the Chiefs due to contract negotiations. Despite the potential farewell, Jones’s emotional reaction resonated with viewers, prompting discussions on patriotism and pride in America.

Social media erupted with reactions to Jones’s tearful moment, with many expressing admiration for his display of emotion during the anthem. Conservative commentator Graham Allen hailed it as a testament to the greatness of the country, while others thanked Jones for his patriotic display.

The NFL on CBS X account highlighted the emotional scene, with commenters sharing personal connections and expressing appreciation for the patriotic gesture.

Chris Jones’s tearful moment during the National Anthem stood as a powerful reminder of the significance of patriotism and love for one’s country.

Replying to Travis with a comment about Jones and his reaction to hearing the Anthem, one poster said, “I still get the chills every time the national anthem is sung and seeing tears out of Chris Jones eyes was the best thing to see. People can say it was scripted all they want but the fact that the camera caught him at the right time was amazing. I love it”