Brave Responder Who Took Down Shooter at Kansas City Chiefs Parade Shares Experience, Emphasizes Swift Action

In a courageous act of bravery, the individual who confronted a shooter at the Kansas City Chiefs parade has come forward to recount the intense moment. Recalling the incident, he emphasized the instinctive nature of his actions.

“There was no hesitation. It was a matter of ‘just do it’,” he affirmed. “I moved forward to tackle him, and another bystander did the same.” Amidst the chaos, he vividly remembers seeing the weapon either slip from the assailant’s grasp or from his sleeve as they grappled.

Though the ordeal felt like an eternity, he estimates it lasted around 30 seconds as he struggled to restrain the assailant. Urgently calling out for law enforcement, he repeatedly shouted, “Where are the cops? Get them over here!”

His courageous response in the face of danger serves as a reminder of the importance of quick thinking and decisive action during critical moments.