‘Baking Soda’ with extraordinary good effects, doctors are surprised

MIRACLE, ‘Baking Soda’ with extraordinary good effects, experts are surprised. Here’s how many problems ‘Baking Soda’ cures.

Baking Soda is one of the most extraordinary ingredients in terms of its many uses throughout the home.

Soda has miraculous effects beyond what we all know, starting from the removal of stains to the whiteness of clothes, cleaning kitchen utensils, cleaning furniture or various items at home, up to taking care of teeth and personal hygiene, etc.

Some of the Effective Methods of Using Soda
Toothpaste at home
Mix some baking soda with coconut oil, peppermint essential oil and it can make an effective toothpaste against bacteria.

Natural deodorant
Mix baking soda with cornstarch and a few drops of lavender essential oil and rub under the armpits.

Baking soda removes dead cells, destroys bacteria and keeps the skin soft and healthy.

Against insects
Put baking soda in the place where insects are most often and very quickly you will have an environment free of insects.

Against odors
Baking soda removes fresh odors in the refrigerator and brings a lot of freshness to it.

Against stains
Baking soda is recommended for removing stains and shining pots when the washer leaves you in the mud.

Against mosquitoes
Mix the bread with water and smear it so that you have bitten mosquitoes.

Then rinse with cold water.

Pipe cleaning
Use half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar.

Pour a pot of boiling water into the sink, followed by the vinegar and baking soda dressing.

After 30 minutes, run hot water again and the pipes will be all clean