ABC is kicking Whoopi Goldberg, ABC Won’t Renew Whoopi Goldberg’s Contract

According to an exclusive report from The Dunning Kruger Times, Whoopi Goldberg is at the end of her run with The View: They didn’t fire her. They didn’t canceI her. They didn’t even cancel her show. What ABC did instead, to deal with its never ending Whoopi Goldberg problem, was to simply decline to re-sign her to a new contract. The move will cost Goldberg her lead on a popular show and upwards of $36 million per year in saIary and endorsements.

It’s time to move on, said Programming Director Joe Barron, she had a good run.. Barron said the network is constantly inundated with complaints from people who don’t Iike Goldberg. “Most of them can’t explain why, but it’s their right not to,” he commented.

Goldberg’s manager, Art Tubolls, says the negotiations are far from over and that he expects ABC to offer his client a new contract through 2029. She is the show, he said, who’s gonna run it, Joy Behar? She doesn’t have the star power to do what Whoopi does.

It’s all fun and games until someone fires Whoopi, patriots, then the teeth come out.