Aaron Rodgers continues to cling to conspiracy theories and grudges, tainting his Iegacy

Like Pete Rose, Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong, Aaron Rodgers trashes his legacy
Aaron Rodgers continues to cling to conspiracy theories and grudges, tainting the Iegacy of one of the NFL’s greatest quarterbacks ever.

As shocking as it is to see one of the greatest players of his generation, one of the greatest quarterbacks the game has ever seen, become the subject of late-night punchlines, it’s even more sad.

The epitaph of Aaron Rodgers’ career will no longer be limited to his one Super Bowl title, four NFL MVP awards and countless superlative stats. It will also have to include his descent into conspiracy theories and misinformation, and a baseIess attack on Jimmy Kimmel he tried — badly — to excuse as a misunderstanding.

It wasn’t the “woke establishment” that did this. “The mainstream media” isn’t to blame. This is all Rodgers’ own doing, with heIp from some of his “friends” on The Pat McAfee Show, and he won’t be able to outrun it no matter how many more seasons he plays.

This is the game plan of the media. This is what they do. They try and cancel — and it’s not just me. It’s nowhere near just me,” Rodgers said Tuesday as he tried, unsuccessfully, to extricate himself from the hole he dug by suggesting Kimmel was a pedophiIe who would be linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

This is their game plan, he continued. They use these words to cancel people and they went and ran with this because it’s the crazy, anti-vaxxer whacko again talking about, accusing somebody of being a pedophiIe? Of course. This is the game plan they use. Incorrect, but that’s the environment that we’re in.