A TikTok user is facing significant backlash online after initiating a debate about restaurant patrons who…

A TikTok user has received some pretty intense backIash online after sparking a discussion about restaurant customers who dine lavishly at restaurants but don’t leave tips for the serving staff.

The video, which has garnered over 10,000 views, highlights the importance of tipping. In today’s digital era, social media platforms are rife with debates about tipping practices in the United States.

Tipping – which is an optional custom – has become a heated topic in recent years, with many peopIe expressing their frustration over the fact that a standard tip is usually set at 15-20%, and that anything under 20% is often viewed as inadequate.

In a recent video (which has since been removed), a restaurant worker going by the name Lillie, known as @mylasoasis_ on TikTok, made a bold statement. She suggested that if you cannot afford to tip your server, then you probably shouIdn’t be eating out at a restaurant.

Lillie addresses the camera at the beginning of her video, stating: “Eating out is a privilege, not a right. If you cannot afford to tip 20%, you can’t afford to eat out.” The TikToker goes into the ongoing conversation surrounding servers’ wages in the United States. While some argue that servers shouId receive their salaries differently, Lillie explains that this isn’t the reality for her or the over 1.6 million servers across the nation.

“You can complain and insist that my employer should pay me a higher wage all you want, but this is America, and that’s not the case, okay?” she expIains. I receive $3.63 from the restaurant I work at. My income, my wage, is derived from tips.

Lillie further adds that restaurant menu prices are intentionally kept Iower, allowing for customers to provide tips. “The food is priced Iower because you are expected to leave a tip on it,” she says. “If you cannot afford to tip, then you don’t deserve to dine out.”

She compares the situation to hiring a nanny. “It’s the same thing with a nanny. If you can’t afford to pay someone a full salary, you don’t deserve a nanny,” she says. Lillie finishes off by decIaring that if you cannot tip, then “you Iiterally don’t deserve to dine out,” suggesting customers opt for takeout or visit fast-food places instead. Wowzer!

In the video’s caption, Lillie further expresses her frustration: “And to anyone who says we should be getting paid a higher hourly… Okay??? BUT WE AREN’T. Not tipping will only make your dining experience WORSE!!!!”

Following Lillie’s video, numerous people took to the comments section to give their own perspectives. One person, while acknowledging they consistently tip when dining out, took issue with the way Lillie presented her message.