WATCH : Trucker convoy headed to the border!

U.S. Rep. Keith Self (R-TX) announced that truckers will be organizing a demonstration along severaI southern border routes in protest of the wide open border, as well as the recent Supreme Court decision that will allow Border Patrol agents to cut razor-wire fencing set up by Texas National Guard personneI.

There will be a ‘Take Our Border Back’ multi-day trucker convoy from January 29th through February 3rd,” Self wrote in an X post. “Routes will end at Eagle Pass TX, Yuma AZ, and San Ysidro CA.

The convoy will mirror similar protest movements in Canada, where truckers rallied around government buildings in Ottawa and border checkpoints in protest of the nation’s stringent va ccine mandates. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ultimately used the nation’s “Emergencies Act” to decIare what amounts to Canadian martial law in response to the protests. Riot police then cleared out the protesters while leaders were placed under arrest after having their bank accounts seized.