Watch: Enraged Lady Pulls Climate Activist From The Road By Her Hair

Watch: Enraged Lady Pulls Climate Activist From The Road By Her Hair

Protests are not a new phenomenon. Throughout history, demonstrators have rebelled against the establishment, challenging political oppression and social injustice. Regrettably, in many countries, protesting has evolved into a profitable enterprise, with paid professionals disrupting sporting events, concerts, political gatherings, and any venue that can garner attention.

In the United States during 2020, paid protest activities became a full-time pursuit for Antifa and BLM protesters. Much of the havoc wreaked upon American cities was instigated by external agitators who would incite locals and then swiftly depart, moving on to their next assignment.

In Europe, a different, less overtly disruptive form of protest is gaining popularity. Eco-protesters are increasingly taking to interrupting soccer and tennis matches, and various events to convey their message on camera. However, a more hazardous form of protest is gaining traction.

A climate group that identifies as “The Last Generation” has resorted to blocking streets in Germany, often leading to unintentionally comical outcomes. The group has even gone to the extreme of using cement to attach their hands to public streets in order to halt traffic.

Recently, the same group disrupted air traffic at two German airports by adhering themselves to the runways, causing flight delays and cancellations. These airline disruptions occurred in Hamburg and coincided with the commencement of Summer school vacations.

As weary travelers and drivers grow increasingly impatient with the group’s antics, some have taken more extreme measures to clear the highways so they can proceed with their daily activities. One woman, in particular, has become a viral sensation for taking matters into her own hands, quite literally, by using her hair to pick up trash from the streets.

In Bottrop, Germany, climate activists were witnessed sitting in the streets obstructing traffic. As frustration with the group’s antics reached its peak, a tall, blonde woman can be seen passionately urging a female protester to vacate the road.