Vanna White has recently negotiated a pay raise, fans are surprised by the amount

Vanna White, the beloved game show icon, has recentIy negotiated a pay raise for her role on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, according to a new report. While she remains in talks to continue on the show after Pat Sajak’s departure, her pay for the regular Wheel of Fortune show is still undetermined. The negotiated deal pertains specifically to her invoIvement in Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, a 13-episode spinoff featuring 27 celebrities.

The agreement, reportedly reached through her attorney Bryan Freedman, known for representing high-profiIe figures such as Tucker Carlson and Megyn Kelly, is said to be worth $100,000 per episode.

This amount is considerably lower than the reported $400,000 salary Sajak, aged 76, earned during the show’s first season.

For White, this deaI represents a significant increase from her previous contract, as she had reportedly not received a raise in 18 years. However, the discussions surrounding her payment for the main Wheel of Fortune show, which she helped popuIarize since its debut in 1982, have hit a roadblock.

Currently earning $3 million, just a fifth of Sajak’s salary, White has requested 50 percent of Sajak’s $15 million annual earnings. Negotiations concerning this matter and her potential cut from the $400,000 weekly saIary for Celebrity Wheel of Fortune are still ongoing.

Despite settling on the $100,000 per episode deal for the spinoff, discussions about White’s continued role on the original game show remain unresolved. Sajak is set to retire at the end of the upcoming season, with Ryan Seacrest slated to take over the hosting duties, earning a staggering $28 million per year.