Teacher from an African Village Garners 1 million dollars as the World’s Best Educator – What He Did With That Money Impressed the World

Teacher from an African Village Garners 1 million dollars as the World’s Best Educator – What He Did With That Money Impressed the World

In 2015, entrepreneur Sunny Upkey established a philanthropic foundation that sponsored the Global Educator Prize. The esteemed accolade, worth 1 million dollars, is bestowed upon the most exceptional teacher worldwide.

In 2019, Peter Tabichi, a physics and mathematics teacher and a Franciscan friar from Kenya, was honored with this prestigious distinction and the substantial prize.

The grand ceremony took place in Dubai, and the announcement of the winner was made by renowned actor Hugh Jackman. A staggering number of over 10,000 applications from 179 countries were submitted for the competition. The finalists included India, Australia, the USA, Kenya, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Argentina, Great Britain, and Georgia.

Remarkably, a small village nestled in the African desert emerged victorious. Despite lacking basic necessities, the local school was home to Peter Tabichi, who wholeheartedly dedicated himself to his students.

Under the tutelage of this devoted teacher, the impoverished students triumphed in international science competitions. Their school, with a student-teacher ratio of 58:1, possesses only one computer and lacks even a school bus. Despite such hardships, the children display unwavering determination, walking several kilometers to school daily, even during the rainy season.

Prior to his role at the impoverished school, Peter Tabichi worked in a private institution. However, after embracing his calling as a Franciscan friar, he chose to bring his knowledge and expertise to the children in need.

He wholeheartedly immerses himself in his work, acting as a motivator and an inspiration to his students. He imparts the importance of diverse perspectives and encourages them to discover their passions and interests. Numerous projects have been initiated and successfully implemented at this school, all led and organized by the students themselves.

By cultivating an atmosphere of activity, creativity, and independence, Peter Tabichi has established various scientific and creative groups within the school. Additionally, he founded a ‘Peace Club,’ where children from different backgrounds and faiths come together to learn about tolerance and acceptance.

Receiving this award brings Peter Tabichi immense joy. His plans include utilizing the prize money to purchase computers for the school, renovate the science laboratory, and support his students’ scientific endeavors. He epitomizes the essence of a true teacher, as teaching is not merely a job for him—it is his vocation.