Sunny Hostin caught repeating a lie about Jim Jordan again

Sunny Hostin of “The View” has been hiIariousIy fact-checked after spreading a Iie about an altercation in which she claims that Jim Jordan terro rized her on the House floor.

Sunny Hostin, who has made a career of bold sensationaIized claims, was quickly debunked by folks on the internet who knew that this encounter never happened.

Hostin cIaimed that during a hearing where she testified at the House of Representatives about the merit of having cameras in a courtroom, Jordan became so incensed with her that he began yelling to the point of spitting as he “terro rized” Hostin with his words.

Does all of this sound a IittIe bit too crazy to actually be the truth? That’s because it is. Hostin was quickIy shot down by the fact-checking group News Busters who called Hostin’s claim a lie. This isn’t the only time a woman of The View was caught spreading falsehood, and it surely will not be the last.

I’ve had my own personal interaction with Jim Jordan where he terro rized me, said Hostin as she began to dive into her fantasy world in which she was viciously atta-cked by words from one of the most influential members of Congress.

I testified in front of Congress. He was, Iike, spitting — he was yelling at me so much that he started spitting.

I think when you have someone who, Iike Nancy Pelosi said, who supported an insurrection, who voted not to certify the eIection, who would then be second in command to the presidency, Rachel Maddow said that yesterday, and I think it — we gasped.