Strange “Mountain of Riches” 1 billion years old ancient depository of gold, platinum and precious stones in…

Strange “Mountain of Riches” 1 billion years old ancient depository of gold, platinum and precious stones in…

Enigmatic “Mountain of Precious Riches”: Ancient Geological Formation in Yields Platinum, Gold, and More

Nestled in the remote Khabarovsk region of Russia, the Kondyor Massif has gained renown as a treasure trove of precious metals. This geological marvel, often referred to as the “treasure mountain,” holds vast reserves of platinum, gold, and other valuable ores, the result of a billion years of geological processes and erosion.

Located approximately 600 kilometers southwest of the Sea of Okhotsk and 570 kilometers southeast of Yakutsk, the Kondyor Massif encompasses a vast expanse with an impressive diameter of 8 kilometers and reaches a height of 600 meters. From an aerial perspective, the massif bears resemblance to an ancient volcano or the remnants of a meteorite impact. However, experts attribute its distinctive shape to molten magma from volcanic rock that solidified beneath the Earth’s surface over a billion years ago, forming a near-perfect circular structure.

Over time, the massif has undergone gradual erosion, with its resilient composition proving more durable than the surrounding terrain. It emerges as the exposed top surface of a rock column that gradually descends into the Earth’s crust, representing the remnants of a partially eroded dome. A central stream originates from the heart of the massif, fed by melted snow at its rim. Numerous smaller streams radiate from the edges, flowing into the Kondyor River on the northern face.

These streams harbor substantial deposits of platinum, appearing in various forms such as crystals, beads, and ingots, alongside gold and other precious minerals. The platinum crystals range from sharply defined specimens to those with rounded edges. Among them, the Kondyor Massif boasts an abundance of exceptionally rare and top-quality gold-plated platinum crystals, earning it the moniker “treasure mountain.” The annual platinum yield from this site reaches an impressive 4 tons.

Additionally, the smaller streams emanating from the massif carry platinum deposits, including crystals, ingots, and grains, alongside a wealth of other precious metals and gemstones. These finds are hailed as some of the finest ever discovered globally. Notably, the treasure mountain holds a distinctive mineral exclusive to this location called Konderite, a unique amalgamation of copper, platinum, rhodium, lead, and sulfur.

According to Siberiantimes, platinum mining operations in the Kondyor Massif commenced in 1984, while the first appearance of platinum crystals from this site was documented at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the United States in 1993. Today, approximately 4 tons of platinum are extracted from this geological wonder each year, affirming its status as a true marvel of natural resources.