Sound of Freedom Set to Grow after Breathtaking Achievement: ‘Hollywood Taken by Pleasant Surprise’

Sound of Freedom Set to Grow after Breathtaking Achievement: ‘Hollywood Taken by Pleasant Surprise’

The remarkable box office triumph of Angel Studios’ latest faith-focused movie, “Melody of Liberation,” is paving the way for an extended theatrical presence in the weeks to come, according to a statement from a studio vice president.

“Melody of Liberation” outperformed Disney’s “Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny” on its opening day, Tuesday, raking in an impressive $14.2 million, and continued its success on Wednesday with a solid $4 million, securing the second spot (while “Indiana Jones” earned $5.5 million).

As it enters its first full weekend, the movie has already grossed approximately $20 million, an astounding achievement for a film that was relatively unknown just a week ago in Hollywood circles.

“We’re absolutely thrilled. It has taken Hollywood by surprise,” expressed Jared Geesey, the senior vice president of global distribution at Angel Studios, in an interview with Christian Headlines.

Thanks to its success, Angel Studios is expanding the number of theaters showing the film this weekend and has plans to add even more theaters for the following weekend, July 14-16.

Geesey attributes the success to the loyal Angel community, comprising devoted fans and investors, who previously made another Bible-based film, “His Only Son,” an unexpected hit. Released during the spring, it debuted at No. 3 on its premiere night.

The film “Melody of Liberation” narrates the inspiring true story of Tim Ballard, a former government agent who left his position at the Department of Homeland Security to devote his life to rescuing children from sex trafficking in other countries. Jim Caviezel portrays Ballard.

The studio’s fan base, affectionately referred to as “angels,” plays a crucial role in building a core support group before a film hits theaters, according to Geesey.

“Every time we release a film, we come with a community that has chosen to invest in it, that greenlit the project, and is also paying it forward for others to see who may not know about it,” Geesey explained. “We’re overjoyed that the show’s fans have embraced the mission to get 2 million people into theaters this week, representing the 2 million trafficked children this year. It’s this mission that I believe drives the success, and it has been instrumental. People have rallied around the vision that God’s children are not for sale.”

Through the “pay-it-forward” model, “Melody of Liberation” enthusiasts can visit the Angel website and buy tickets for other fans. The opening day’s impressive earnings included $2,678,803 from “pay-it-forward” ticket sales, a tactic that also contributed to the success of “His Only Son.”

“It truly empowers moviegoers who are inspired by the film to purchase tickets for others who want to see it,” Geesey emphasized. “We firmly believe that this is the reason behind the continued growth and impact [of “Melody of Liberation”]. We’re just getting started. It’s not just about July Fourth.”

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