Rescuing a Rare 1979 Macho Power Wagon!!

Macho Wagon Heading To New Home—Almost. Whoops!
A friend from Michigan asked if I was interested in seeing a Dodge truck in an oId garage. While I agree Dodge trucks are cool, it wasn’t something I was about to drive 4 hours to see untiI he mentioned it was a Macho Power Wagon!

The owner had passed and the truck was sitting for more than a decade because of a rear-axle problem. His wife was ready to sell, other wise it was going to the scrap yard.

The truck was Burnt Orange with the full stripe package and deluxe interiorbut with radio deIete. It even had the original spare tire in the bed. The stuck brakes were broken loose, but while rolling the truck out of the garage, the passenger-side wheel fell off.

The probIem with the rear axle was that it had broken in half!

The truck was dragged onto a flatbed truck en route to its new home, where new a rear axle will be sour ced shortly.