Put orange peels in a bottle: The Money-saving trick.

Oranges are one of the most consumed fruits in winter.

But what about the part you don’t eat: the skin…

Are you throwing it away? It’s a shame because it can still be used.

And besides, it smells great.

So what do you do with these orange peels to avoid losing them?

It was my grandmother who gave me her tips for reusing them at home.

You will see that it is super easy and really economical.

Here are 4 simple tips for recycling orange peels without wasting them and saving money. See :

1. Put them in a bottle to clean the house
Have you ever smelled the good smell that comes when you peel oranges?

That’s because the shell contains hundreds of small reservoirs that emit sweet-smelling oil when it’s cracked or torn.

These skins therefore contain an excellent natural scent that can be used.

It would be a shame to miss out on it…it’s 100% free!

One of my favorite uses is to dip them in my bottle of white vinegar.

For what ?

Because they release their smell into the vinegar to naturally flavor it.

And it’s great! Because among us, alcohol vinegar still smells super strong.

And what could be nicer than cleaning up with a good smelling product?

Of course it also works with other citrus fruits:

Lemon, grapefruit, bergamot…

2. To flavor your drinks

In the same way, you can give your drinks a good taste.

But there is one condition: use organic orange peel.

Personally, I like to put it in my glass of water to give it a nice little flavor.

I also put it in the water bottle I take to work.

It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to drink plain water.

At least the flavor in this little recipe is natural and not filled with sugar.

3. To flavor loose leaf tea

Another little tip that I stole from my grandmother.

I cut a piece of orange peel into small cubes.

Then I added them to my hermetically sealed pot of loose black tea.

After a few days the tea takes on a super pleasant orange flavor.

Would you like another little gourmet tip?

Add a little bergamot too…it’s amazing!

And if you don’t have time to wait, dip a few organic orange peels into the hot tea.

The result is the same: a light, natural orange flavor.

4. To deodorize the house

Whether fresh or dried, orange peels always smell good.

It is therefore a natural and inexpensive way to perfume the home.

Cut the peels into strips and put them in a bowl.

Then place the cup in the room you want to deodorize.

The scent lasts about 1 week.

And then you can improve the scent by adding, for example, a cinnamon stick, cloves or mint.

Do you know what I love?

It is to put the peel in a pot of very hot water.

I let it simmer so the scent spreads throughout the kitchen.

A bit like a potpourri.