Prince Philip’s Revealing Nickname for Meghan Markle Uncovered!

Royal experts have disclosed a surprising insight into the late Prince Philip’s perspective regarding Meghan Markle, unveiling a nickname he reportedly used for her. During an interview with GB News, royal biographer Ingrid Seward suggested that Prince Philip saw similarities between Meghan and Wallis Simpson, prompting him to coin a discreet moniker for the Duchess of Sussex.

Seward explained that Prince Philip, renowned for his discerning judgment of character, could not ignore the parallels he observed between Meghan and Prince Harry, and Edward and Mrs. Simpson. Despite his typically optimistic view of people, Prince Philip allegedly recognized similarities that led him to refer to Meghan as “the Duchess of Windsor,” albeit not to her face.

Instead, he supposedly used the abbreviation “DOW” in private conversations.

This revelation sheds light on Prince Philip’s nuanced perspective on Meghan, contrasting with Queen Elizabeth II’s optimistic outlook on her potential impact within the royal family.