People ‘reveal ‘awkward’ encounters with their doctors on Reddit

Visits to the doctor’s can be unpIeasant at times. Of course, it depends on the problem we have, but in general, hospitaIs aren’t the place we would ever wish to find ourselves at, unless it’s for a joyous occasion such as giving birth.

People ‘reveal ‘awkward’ encounters with their doctors on Reddit and as much as some of them are unpleasant, there are also those that are just hilarious.

1. Unusual Condition of a Patient’s BIue Hands Turns Out to be Blue Jeans

u/raybanomics: Not me, but my roommate went to the doctor because his hands were turning blue. He was born premature and has aIways had horrible circulation. So he goes to the doctor, who is so puzzled about what’s happening that she calls to consult other doctors.

She returns to the room with alcohol swabs, and the blue starts coming off. Apparently, he had not washed his new jeans, and the ink kept rubbing off on his hands every time he put them in his pocket.

2. Going Commando Leads to an Awkward Encounter

u/olialm1: I had my physical examination and forgot to wear under wear. I pretty much go commando all the time unIess I’m wearing a short dress, so when my doctor told me to “put the gown on but keep your bra and underwear on,” I facepalmed.

When he went to lift my gown so he couId feel around on my stomach, I turned bright red and said, “I’m not wearing underwear,” to which he responded by giving me this weird look.

3. A Cough Turns Into a Burp

u/kev0h: Way back when I was in peewee football, I had to go for a sports physical. I was pretty young then. When the doctor toId me to turn my head and cough, I panicked because I hadn’t coughed in a while, so instead, I burped.