Onions and Garlic: Store this way for up to six months, and you’ll be surprised

Onions and Garlic: Store this way for up to six months, and you’ll be surprised

Garlic and onions are certainly among the ingredients that should never be missing in the kitchen. These are essential ingredients that help us flavor many delicious dishes. Their aroma enriches our recipes and makes them tastier and tastier. Not to mention that they are not only very good, but also good for our health. When you buy garlic and onions, you need to be able to store them well and for a long time. Here are some useful tips.

Onion and garlic: what are the mistakes to avoid
To store garlic and onions well, we recommend you avoid some very common mistakes. For example, it is often assumed that garlic and onions store well in the refrigerator along with other vegetables, but this is not actually the case. Contrary to what you might think, putting them in the fridge can change their aroma and taste. But be careful, these two ingredients should also not be in places that are too hot or near strong heat sources. So avoid placing them next to the stove or near the oven.

So where are the safest places to store garlic and onions? Here are some tips.

In order for the garlic and onion to last for a long time without changing their aroma, you can simply store them in a cupboard or cupboard in the kitchen. It is important that it is a cool, dark, ventilated and, above all, dry place. In addition to where they are stored, the container you choose is also important. For example, we do not recommend using plastic containers. It is preferable to put the garlic and onion in special paper bags or a basket. In this way, the air is allowed to pass through quietly and no moisture is created.

Thanks to this solution you can store the garlic and onion for a long time. For at least six months, these ingredients are safe and you can use them to prepare many recipes. If you follow these tips, storing garlic and onions will no longer be a problem. Try these remedies yourself and you will see excellent results. The taste and aroma of these ingredients will not change in any way, they will always remain fresh and tasty and ready to enhance your recipes.

Remember that these are two very important ingredients that provide numerous health benefits. That’s why we can’t do without garlic and onions.