Oklahoma Beverage Shop Receives Criticism for ‘Provocative’ Sign

Oklahoma Beverage Shop Receives Criticism for ‘Provocative’ Sign

Oklahoma City Liquor Store Draws Attention Over ‘Provocative’ Notice

A liquor establishment in Oklahoma City has made headlines for creating a sign and displaying it within the store, urging customers to “Hoist your trousers!” Not only does the sign convey this message, but it also informs customers who opt to wear sagging pants that they are not welcome inside the establishment. While this policy has stirred controversy and even been perceived as discriminatory by some, the store management firmly stands by it, deeming the fashion statement disrespectful and offensive.

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In an interview with KFOR, the management at Midwest Wine and Spirits explained that they felt compelled to put up the sign because a significant number of customers were entering the store with their pants hanging low, exposing their underwear and buttocks.

“Pull your pants up or refrain from entering!!!,” the sign reads. “Show some decency and respect for others. No one wants to witness your undergarments.”

The management’s concern revolves around the potential risk of sex ual assault due to the “invitation” sagging pants might provide to onlookers.

“While I understand that low pants may be a fashion statement for some, it does not sit well with me, and I find it rather offensive,” said Chad Gilbert, one of the managers.

However, one customer has expressed disagreement with the sign, arguing that, as a liquor store, the establishment lacks solid moral grounds to judge people based on their appearance.

“I can understand if it were a church,” Sunshine Weatherby (above) stated. “There are families there, and you might have an issue with that, but this is a liquor store. I’ve seen worse in a liquor store.”

Weatherby did not advocate for removing the sign, recognizing the store’s right to serve the customers it chooses. However, she believes that as long as the store treats all customers equally, she can accept it. But if the sign is used as a means of discrimination against specific racial groups, then it would be wrong.

Employees at the store also believe that sagging pants pose a security risk.

“Usually, when people come in with their pants sagging, it’s easier for them to steal bottles,” Shana Wiessner said.

Wiessner keeps a vigilant eye on individuals wearing sagging pants as she has noticed they are more likely to attempt theft.

While the sign may be straightforward, most people can agree that sagging pants are unsettling. The sight of men displaying their buttocks in public is a peculiar fashion statement that many find inappropriate. If individuals wish to showcase such attire, they should do so in the privacy of their own homes or at establishments where others may appreciate such displays, such as certain nightclubs or bars.